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Every facet of daily life is aligned with the purpose of nurturing, health, harmony, and spiritual growth and provides a complete experiential education in holistic living. Experience the power of integrative healing medicine. Book a treatment now!

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What are the practices offers

Yoga is not only a benefactor of body but also encourages your spiritual and mental health. Get systematic yoga classes and yoga teachers training in India, with Sanskriti, to help yourself and your loved ones. Though it is hard to list up all the benefits of yoga, given they are innumerable, we will try to guide you through the primary ways in which yoga helps you live a healthier and fuller life through practicing and preaching.

As already mentioned, yoga is the solution to physical, mental and spiritual stress. At Sanskriti, you can focus on your preferred style of yoga and develop your areas of interest. The following are the ways in which Sanskriti prepares you to help people achieve a balanced life through yoga

Graining Muscle Strength

People tend to relate yoga to a rather slow and relaxing form of work-out. While it does have a great calming effect, it does not prove to be any less effective in terms of gaining strength.

Yoga has many aspects of it and ‘Power yoga’ and ‘Ashtanga’ is a rather physical form of it, which helps you to gain muscle strength. Besides these two, there is less vigorous style of yoga, like ‘Hatha’ that helps you improve physical endurance.

For upper body strength, you can try poses like the downward dog and the upward dog, the plank pose, while the standing poses will help you strengthen your quadriceps, hamstrings and abs.

Practicing yoga regularly and in the right way develops your all-over body and muscle strength. Sanskriti offers yoga teachers training in India that focuses on helping others, gain strength and positivity.

Increasing the flexibility of your body

This one is a no-brainer. Everyone knows how yoga helps your muscles stretch and become more flexible. However, not everyone realize its effectiveness. Practicing yoga regularly helps your muscles relax; the flexibility of your muscles consequently reduces chances of straining yourself.

Yoga poses also help you to feel less tired and stiff.

With regularity, you can really improve your flexibility in a short span of time.

Thus, you can go on to become a yoga instructor and assist others in gaining mobility of muscles by enrolling in one of the yoga teachers training in India, offered by Sanskriti.

Fixing postures with yoga

Due to improper sitting, standing and walking postures, our spine bends.

Years of wrong posture leads to various physical problems. With Sanskriti and its trained yoga instructors, you can learn about the right postures and achieve them.

Thus, when you become an instructor, you can teach people how to sit and stand “tall”.

It is not only attractive but also important for sustainable health.

Better breathing

It might sound absurd but most people are not breathing right. When you learn yoga, you learn about the right breathing techniques and focus on your breathing.

This helps you to relax mentally and achieve a sense of calmness from within.

When you become an instructor, you must be able to transfer the same relaxed state of body and mind to your trainees.

At Sanskriti, our instructors are trained and will help you to achieve the same level of expertise, so you can deliver best results to those that you preach.

Improving mental and physical health

Yoga is extremely helpful when it comes to relaxing the mind and the soul. Large amount of people learn with the intension of reducing their stress.

Thus, when you intend to cater to this industry, you must know the way to help someone get released from stress.

You can do the same by taking yoga teachers training in India.

You can learn and teach meditation and other yoga techniques that effectively reduces blood pressure, anxiety and stress.

Yoga also helps to prevent heart disease and reduces cholesterol and triglyceride.

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More than 40 Classes for You

Every facet of daily life is aligned with the purpose of nurturing, health, harmony, and spiritual growth and provides a complete experiential education in holistic living. Experience the power of integrative healing medicine. Book a treatment now!

Why should you choose Sanskriti

If you are an aspiring yoga instructor, you must know the practice thoroughly and accurately.
Sanskriti will help you achieve perfection in the following ways:

Trained Professionals

We hire professionals who have served this industry effectively. You are in the right hands when it comes to gaining insights and learning the training process.

The instructors at Sanskriti not only teach yoga but also train you in client dealing. Thus, at the completion of your yoga teachers training in India, you are able to deliver satisfactory results to your clients.

Thorough Courses

The Training that you receive from us does not only concern physical or practical training but offers academics courses as well.
While you learn the right postures and movements, you can also learn about human body and yoga’s contribution in achieving a sustainable health.
This prepares you for any queries that your client throws at you. You can also solve particular problems of individual clients.

Variety of Techniques

As mentioned in the previous segment, you can pursue variety of styles and techniques that you would like to teach.
You get the advantage of learning the several existing practices with our trainers. So, you are looking at a prospective choice of career in different segments of the industry.


The Courses offered at Sanskriti are really affordable. However, it does not cause any compromise on the quality.
Thus, you can learn from the best, without having to worry about the investment.


The End Goal of getting yoga teachers training in India is, undoubtedly, to get a job.
This is secured by the certificated you receive at the end of the course from Sanskriti.
You can apply in various yoga teaching institutions and secure the position of a trainer.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Helen Brown

Helen Brown, Happy Client

I would recommend practioners at this center and to all clients. They are perfect for your healing session or teaching session. They are great people to work and excellent trainers, and the center has good energy. This is my weekly sanctuary from life’s stresses. Thank you so much for being here for us! Best yoga center ever.

Pablo Fleming

Pablo Fleming, Happy Client

My Second new home… Love it and can’t live without it! Every day there are awesome events in the center, like different type of yoga, amazing deep meditations and many more. An atmosphere of peace and serenity. Wonderful workout for the body. An exercise approach that can be done at any age. Thank you so much for training us!

Stacey Nash

Stacey Nash, Happy Client

I look forward to this class all week. No matter what kind of mood I have, the very minute I step into The Mandala Center, I change, I became the happiest person in the world! Yoga has brought so much peace and joy into my life. Thank you so much for being here for us! One of the most relaxing experiences I have ever felt.


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