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Sanskriti Yogashala

Sanskriti has been serving people in Bangalore for a decent amount of time. We aim to help and motivate people to enhance the quality of their life and lifestyle. Yoga is the solution to multiple physical, mental and spiritual blocks that may appear in the way of a healthy and sustainable living. Through our traditional practice of varieties styles and techniques of yoga, we pass on bliss to the new generation.


You can also choose to attend our demo class, for absolutely free, and then decide which package you want to choose. It is a one hour class for which, all you need to do is come on time and brings a yoga mat.

Weekly Classes

There are two curriculums that you can choose from. There are 3 weekly classes and 5 weekly classes, available for the trainees which makes it 14 and 20 hours of yoga respectively. The fees vary accordingly.

Pregnancy Yoga

You get 12 classes of Pregnancy yoga, 22 hours in total. It includes special yoga techniques of yoga for pregnancy, meditation and pranayama which helps you to prepare for giving birth.

Personal Trainer

To get undivided attention and to get deeper into the world of yoga, you can always hire a personal trainer. Like pregnancy yoga, you will be entitles to 12classes, here as well.
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Faculties at SANSKRITI

Prashanth Savanur: Our instructor at Sanskriti Yogashala is a professional who has been practicing yoga since he was 13 years old. Prashanth has served the as a Senior Software Engineer for more than 6 years, before he totally devoted himself to the fitness industry in the year of 2014. He has travelled across India, from Kerala to Rishikesh and Nepal to know more about Yoga and get a better insight. His experience in the corporate industry helps him to understand the stress that the working people face and thus, he has an exquisite efficiency in resealing stress through yoga and meditation.

Change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom.

-  Alex Verner, Mandala Studio Founer

Alex Verner

Yoga is not just a way to fitness; it is a new way to life. It enlightens and enlivens your soul and helps you to live a fuller life. With the right teachers and techniques, you can choose to become a yoga teacher and thereby, help other people change their own lifestyle and achieve peace of mind.

Find your new way to …


  • Now, we are available for you in Rishikesh and Kerala as well. You can enroll into our Yoga Teachers Training in Rishikesh or Yoga Teachers Training in Kerala and embark, with us, on this journey of helping people achieve their fitness goals.
  • Sanskriti not only helps you to make a career but also refines you internally through the practice of Yoga. It is though thorough learning of the practice that you can achieve excellence and thereby satisfy your future clients. With our professional trainers, faculty and systematic courses, you can learn the science of yoga and become one of the influential leaders in this industry.
  • We will make sure that you can deliver best results in future by supervising you to achieve your best in terms of gaining knowledge and learning the techniques of becoming an efficient teacher. So, join us and make a career that enlightens and enlivens you from within.

Strength of the Sanskriti

The following are the reported strengths that Prashanth has showcased over his teaching period:

  • In pregnancy yoga, he has helped clients gain emotional and physical strength. While pregnancy yoga prepares the body, meditation and pranayama helps to prepare a would-be mother mentally.
  • Prashanth has a step-by-step way of teaching yoga techniques. Thus, even the most complex asanas and yoga postures become achievable for the clients.
  • His friendly demeanor makes clients feel comfortable and they are able to talk openly about their goals and problems.
  • He not only helps you achieve your goals but convinces you to look at your life from a new point of view with yoga. He has raised the awareness of many about their life and body.
  • He is one of the best instructors as far as yoga teacher training in India is concerned.